Kelly McGarry

Les Talk About You and Me

French opening June 20th

Les talk about “you and me” is such a sweet thing to say to something that you love. Words like, les go ride and how about bike park, and yes yes yes!

These bike parks are opening in France this weekend!!

Les Deux Alpes got a couple hours? Here is the complete Crankworx from Les 2 Alps last summer!! ENJOY!!

Les Arcs another goodie but not so long!

Vincent Pernin & Quentin Chanudet in Les Arcs : "La 8" from COMMENCAL

© 2014 - Christophe Hassel

French Riders Vincent Pernin & Quentin Chanudet racing each other on a local trail “La 8” in Les Arcs Bike Park. - Filming & Editing: Christophe Hassel Music: Donald Novis - Love Is A Song (Bambi) Cannibal Corpse - Death Walking Terror Neon Plastix - On Fire

Les Saisies They're all good!

you're welcome 

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