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Chairlift Confessions: Episode #1 Dakotah Norton

Chairlift Confessions

Chairlift Confessions: A Podcast dedicated to candid interviews with professional mountain bikers, industry icons, and legends of the sport. Hosts Natty G & Trey Clay explore the story behind the success of these athletes and headliners.

In episode #1 Natty and Trey sit down with Dakotah Norton of Morpheus Bikes. They talk about racing, training and about what a super human racer would look like. They also eat marshmallows and whistle. 


Or listen to it right here!

Here is a video clip of the Marshmallow game:

Show notes: Where Dakotah went to college.

Thanks Tom van Steenbergen for lending Dakotah your hardtail 2015 Crankworx

James McAllister: Manager and the guy who Dakotah wouldn’t mind hanging out with in elevator.

Jason Nixon (close friend great photographer)

Ben Clark strength coach

What Dakotah likes to watch while snow is on the ground. “Behind the Dream”


What do you get when you mix together these three racers?

Aaron Gwin

Brendan Fairclough

Brook Macdonald

Can someone draw us a Super Racer?


Find out what happens when Dakotah has Neko Mullally riding behind him in practice run.


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