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Snow Summit Part 2:

Meanwhile at Snow Summit…(article one here)

It’s nice to slow down and hangout sometimes. Like when you stop and actually look at a trail, not only do you see new lines, but you also realize that your riding skills are not as bad as you thought, as people of all riding levels, trail blaze and fumble past you. We were able to chill out and really get a feel for Snow Summit during our two and half-week stint. Not only were we there for their first ever Best Whip Contest, but we also got to ride some of the local trails around the city of Big Bear as well. We got to ride with some local shredders and watch as the nearby forest fire slowly began to be contained. 

One thing that sets Snow Summit apart from many other bike parks is the vast network of XC trails that can be accessed from the top of Chair #2. Although you don’t end up at the base of the bike park, the pedal back from town is relatively short and worth the $20 one-time lift-pass, for the amount of miles you can get under your tires. There are 60+ miles to be found out there! Big Bear is not known for its tech-gnar, but the XC network is fast and flowy. There are no features to speak of, at least not what we rode. But, if you take the lift, you will not be let down by the fast long descents on single track with great views. It’s totally worth it!

Now that Snow Summit and Mammoth have joined forces, Snow Summit is having competitions again. It’s been since before their 10-year hiatus from the gravity scene. Now with new owners, the local riders can compare their tricks by showing-off in a 5 part “Summit Series”.  

The line up of events consists of:

·      Whip-Off contest on the Hot Donna feature at the top of their black-diamond trail called Miracle Mile.

·      Best-Line on the Muscle Beach jump-section on the black-diamond trail called Party Wave.

·      Best Trick on ZZYZX step-up feature on Miracle Mile.

·      The Pump Track Challenge, and ending with another Whip-Off contest, location (TBD).

We were there for Snow Summit’s first ever Whip-Off Contest on June 20th. The vibe was energetic from the spectators as many of them stood right next to Hot Donna and shouted their approval. Kyle Strait and Tyler McCaul not only showed off their best whips, but they were also the official judges for the contest. There was no shortage of talent from groms, teens, men and women alike. Glad we got to be a part of the spectatorship.

("You whip right, I'll whip left")

A few notable mentions on the mountain:

·      Miracle Mile has a new ramp step-up feature (Hot Donna) that went in place last season, but it was new to us. The step-up originally was all dirt, but a large, wooden, take off ramp has been put in its place. It is a bit intimidating upon first look, but it is smooth as butter with a forgiving landing.

·      Also, new to us was a cool looking man-made, rock garden on Miracle Mile that we noticed most people going around. It is a bit of a rough ride, but that may be the point. There are lots of paver berms reminiscent of Mammoth, but come to think of it, the dirt at Snow Summit is similarly dry and loose.

·      On the “blue” section of Party Wave, you will find a gigantic gap jump that you can hit or ride around if you are not feeling it. Just be careful as this feature’s landing merges quite abruptly with the go-around. Make sure you are aware of riders in front of and behind you at all-times to avoid a collision.

(Craig Harvey whips it out on Hot Donna)

We had the opportunity to shred with and film Craig Harvey, a local in Big Bear and a force to be reckoned with this year in the Big Mountain Enduro. He literally slayed Miracle Mile for our cameras!

(Step-down on Miracle Mile just before the junction with Turtle Trail)

(Craig Harvey sending it on one of many jumps on Miracle Mile.) 

(Just too damn fast to smell the flowers!)

(Craig had no trouble fullfilling our style request for this shot.) 

Things started to wind down for us and we could feel Colorado calling us to ride some big mountains…next stop Keystone.

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