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The BLACK ROCK Bike Park trail system covers approximately 1000 acres of land, and is located about 3 miles west of Falls City, Oregon (~25 miles southwest of Salem, OR). is a non-profit, grass-roots mountain biking organization that promotes, builds, and maintains the trail system for all to enjoy! BLACK ROCK is the 1st Oregon Department of Forestry "sanctioned" - "mountain bike only" trail system in Oregon. has designated build-teams that maintain & manage individual trails on the mountain. Black Rock has their trails dialed!

 At the base of the mountain, a mtb skills area called "Basic Training" offers a variety of features that riders are likely to experience on the trails. Riders that are new to the area should definitely take advantage of this resource and get warmed-up for the trail features above. The Black Rock trail system contains 4 primary trails and 2 secondary ones. They use a "GREEN"(easiest), "BLUE"(intermediate), and "BLACK"(most difficult) trail rating system to convey the skill-set required to navigate each trail.

A tremendous amount of volunteer work over the years at Black Rock has resulted in amazingly well built berms, jumps, drops, and wood features. These guys are true freeride trail artists! Iconic features abound at Black Rock. Infamous drops & stunts receive names like "Meat Cleaver", "Cheese Grater", "Salad Tosser", "Disposal", and "ET",you know these trails are going to be good! occasionally hosts shuttle weekends that fill-up very quickly. Otherwise, riders are required to make their own way up the fireroad/double track to the trailheads(~3mi). All trails are one-way and downhill only. Full-face helmets and body armor are highly recommended.


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located 3 miles west of Falls City, Oregon. Off of Socialist Valley Road.