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Located just north-west of Santa Fe in New Mexico, Pajarito Bike Park was built entirely by volunteers.  Since our trails were built by riders, we have some of the most unique trails in the country with many North Shore style elevated wood features.  We have three teeter-totters, numerous elevated log rides, and one large cork screw.  We also have wooden drops up to 15 feet vertical. We have a lot of natural rock gardens and rock features as well as some really good hand built jump trails.

Pajarito has a few easy ways down and some great cross country riding for those who want to earn their descent. Pajarito is on land that is privately owned by a non-profit ski club so we have had not had to get approval from the Forest Service to build any of our trails. The scene is very laid back with most riders hanging out together in the parking lot eating their lunches and having a beer or two at the end of the day.

Pajarito only runs their lifts two to three Saturdays per month so mark your calendar and make sure you make it.  Once you do you'll want to come back! There is a great pay to camp campground next to the ski area and RVs and tents are allowed to camp for free in the ski area parking lot.


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9am-3pm on bike-and-hike days.

June 7, 2014  Summerfest, 12 local microbreweries, band, lift serviced bike-and-hike, Pajarito Punishment Downhill Race!
June 14, 2014 lift serviced bike-and-hike
July 12, 2014  lift serviced bike-and-hike
July 26, 2014  lift serviced bike-and-hike
Aug 2, 2014  lift serviced bike-and-hike
Aug 23, 2014  lift serviced bike-and-hike
Sept 6, 2014  lift serviced bike-and-hike
Sept 20, 2014  Ullrfest, 12 local microbreweries, band, lift serviced bike-and-hike

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Address: 397 Camp May Rd, Los Alamos, NM 87544