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Taos Bike Park completed its first mountain bike trail and officially opened to mountain bikers in the summer of 2013. The brand new intermediate, gravity-fed, flow trail provides spectacular views of the mountain while entertaining riders with jumps, berms, and rollers along its 3.4 mile course. Also, the bike park at Taos will be launching a new beginnerflow trail with rollers and berms for 2014.

Taos Bike Park is located in N. Central New Mexico in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. The park sits at an impressive elevation of 9,200 feet. Just north of bike park is Wheeler Peak (highest point in NM at 13,161 ft.). Sante Fe, NM is only 90 miles to the south, and Albuquerque is a mere 150 miles away.

  • Trail #1 - Beginner Flow trail with rollers and berms.
  • Trail #2 - Intermediate Flow trail with jumps, berms, and rollers at 3.4 miles long. 


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Taos Ski Valley

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