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Beech Mountain Bike Park is located in two counties of North Carolina and sits at the highest elevation (5,506 ft) east of the Rocky Mountains. Beech Mountain is one of very few lift access bike parks located in the southeastern United States. Beech Mountain opened their lifts to mountain bikers, only last summer 2013. One of the goals was to offer a variety of trails, which will help introduce kids and novices to the sport and industry, while also appealing to intermediate and advanced riders. The bike park crew continues construction throughout the summer in order to offer new trail openings and keep the bike park growing!

They will continue to expand their mountain bike trail network, to cover a wide range of skill levels, challenging riders from novice to pro. They are hard at work to bring a one of a kind bike park to the southeastern US. Beech Mountain bike park is committed to the development, construction, and growth of the southern most, and highest elevation bike park.





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1007 Beech Mountain Pkwy, Beech Mountain, NC. 28604