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Everyone gets what they crave at the 250+ acre Eagle Bike Park: flow trails, downhill-only lines, techy rock sections, and unending combinations of flowing cross country loops that add up to over seven miles of trails connected to miles and miles of the Boise Foothills Trail system. It’s the best riding for 300 miles in any direction.

Climb to the high point and choose from these state-of-the-sport downhill options:

• Strava your stuff on the Stormin’ Mormon freeride line -- almost a mile of berms with about 30 table top jumps and three advanced drops. 

• Shake and Bake is a technical masterpiece. Rock drops. Steep and tight with a massive sky bridge. 

• Junk Yard is a long, twisty and flowing singletrack. • And the newest jewel, The Flow Trail, is a very fast and rolling example of best sort. Time to soar in Eagle. 

Down below there’s a pump track, a dirt jump area, a killer BMX track, A dual-cross, a four-cross, and some great jump lines; Soilers, Feeling Lucky, and Sage Fright 

– and almost everything is within sight of the paved parking, green-grass picnic area and nice restrooms. A perfect park to invite riders of all skill levels.

There’s even a 12,500 square foot skate park if there’s a skateboard in your quiver.

Just a few miles west of Boise, Idaho, in the City of Eagle, The Eagle Bike Park is surrounded by great eats, places to sleep and places to swill. Bring the huckers, the G-force junkies. Bring the kids. Bring big expectations.


Ticket Details

Who needs tickets.  It's city and county owned.  Be our guest.  It's how we roll.

Opening Times

Daylight hours only

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Eagel Bike Park Location:

Old Horseshoe Bend Rd, Garden City, ID 83714