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Chairlift Confessions: Part 2 The GROMS

Chairlift Confessions

[Part 2]  "The Parents and The GROMS".  In this bonus episode of Chairlift Confessions, we finish our conversation with Liz and Tony Mallen who are the parents of Alex and Luke (8 yr. old twin boys), and Jeff and Tricia Kirschenmann, who are the parents of Finley (9 years old). In this episode, the parents expound on what it's like to ride and race with their kids. And, we finally get to hear from the GROMS and what they have to say about cross-training and what happened when Kurt Sorge, 2015 Redbull Rampage Champ, let them ride his bike around after the event.


Show Notes: 

Part 2:

The parents find ways!

Can’t you just make a Strider Bike? 

We talk racing vs. riding

Utah Gravity GROMS

Demon United

What happens when Kurt Sorge lets the GROMS ride his bike after Rampage?

Guess who camped right next to them at Rampage last year, listen to find out!


Part 1:

Young Riders MTB program 

Corner Canyon 

Draper City Youth MTB program

Wasatch Action Sports Park  (thanks to Spencer Randle) 


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