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OFFICIAL: Trail Crew Appreciation Day

trail crew day

Feel The Love: Trail Crew Appreciation Day!

(Trail crew @Keystone)

It’s hard to believe that all across North America and Europe bike parks have already begun to shut down their lifts and remove bike trays. The resorts are turning their eyes toward the sky as they anticipate the snowfall and winter clothes coming out of closets. And in the Southern Hemisphere some trails are beginning to clear up for the start of the season. Skyline Queenstown in New Zealand opened just this past weekend. We were just in Utah where the leaves have already begun to change colors from green to red and orange. This summer has really flown by. In fact, we only have a few more bike parks to share with you from our Wild West Summer Tour. If there is one thing that we can share with you from this past summer, it is the love and dedication that we saw, felt, and shared with trail crews at just about every bike park we visited this season. Essentially, trail crew is to blame for all of our pleasures at bike parks, and we rarely say thank you! Now, we feel it’s time that we give back that love. We want to dedicate this weekend to trail crew. We officially deem the second weekend in September from here until eternity as Trail Crew Appreciation time! #TrailCrewAppreciationDay

(Trail Crew @Steamboat)

What so many people don’t often think about is that behind every epic mountain bike trail are people with an idea and dirty hands. Seldom do these people receive any thank you.  If fact, there is a team of folks who work behind the scenes to make your time at a bike park enjoyable and safe. We want to not only raise a glass to trail crew, but to the men and women who are the first responders when someone gets hurt. (Often times these jobs are one in the same) We found that at many bike parks, trail crewmembers wear many different hats. They are carpenters, sawyers, heavy equipment operators, and many of them are certified in Outdoor Emergency Care, or they are EMTs. Frequently they are the first to respond when someone is hurt. Many of their responsibilities go far beyond building a sweet berm or jump. 

(Trail Crew @BikeSnowmass)

Its time to raise a glass to the people who make it all happen and say thank for all the hard work they do and to their dedication to the sport! Not everyone has the drive to dig, but maybe they will be driven to say Thank You! This weekend send us photos of your trail crew and let us pollute the airwaves with these awesome people who make riding at bike parks the greatest. Or just #TrailCrewAppriciationDay @WorldBikeParks

(Trail Crew @SnowSummit)

(Trail Crew @Trestle)

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