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Deity Compound (Flat Pedal) - Review

Deity Compound Pedal Review

Deity  Compound (Flat Pedal) - Review

When I first heard about Deity’s “Nylon” (flat) pedal, I was skeptical just like a lot of my friends. We commonly referred to them as “those plastic BMX pedals”.  However, over the past 3 years of thrashing the hell out of these pedals, I’ve come to appreciate their durability (virtually indestructible-ness), lightweight, and thin profile. Best of all, they are super-cheap compared to other flat pedals I’ve destroyed (Twenty6, HT, NS, Blackspire) in far less time. My Deity’s are still going strong after spending 3 winters in places that eat pedals for lunch…South Mountain in Phoenix, Sedona – AZ, Moab – UT, and Grand Junction – CO. The nylon pedal-body just slides over rocks and never seems to get hung-up. Also, my traction pins are still going strong despite some wicked hits. My shoe size is 11 ½ US, and I have been wearing the now discontinued Teva mountain bike shoe. Deity’s pedal surface-area is spot-on for my shoe size, and the traction pins grip fairly well while providing just enough “float” to allow for foot movement and repositioning.


-       Inexpensive

-       Lightweight

-       Replaceable & Re-buildable

-       Highly Durable

-       Thin with good dimensions

-       Good grip


-       Lack of Concavity

-       Some riders may prefer a larger platform

-       Some riders may prefer more grip


Reviewer Stats:

-       Ibis Mojo HD

-       Weight 185 pounds

-       Riding since 1997

-       Style: Jumps, drops, steeps, and general bashing around.

Deity Compound (Specs):

-       replaceable Chromoly pins

-       DU bushing and sealed bearing

-       Re-buildable

-       Shatter proof nylon fiber body

-       Colors: Black, Green, Red, Light Blue, White, Purple

-       Weight: 339 grams

-       Dimensions: ~17mm at the thickest point, ~100mm width,

~110mm length


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