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BikeParkPRO is now LIVE!

BikeParkPRO Launch Acticle

Finally, the BikeParkPRO App is now available in the iTunes store, and the website is now LIVE! Head over to the App Store right now and download the App for FREE. Then get on your bike and start shredding those laps.

BikeParkPRO represents the only GPS based App built specifically for the bike park community - you no longer have to use the products designed for runners and roadies! But we are at the beginning of our journey, so we'll need your help in getting things going.

First of all we need you to go out and just ride! Use the App to record a riding session at whatever bike park you happen to be at. And that's the key point - you can use BikeParkPRO at ANY Bike Park. If your local park is not recognized as a location yet, it does not matter - you can still record a session. It will then enable us to get that location set up a lot quicker, and we can prioritize the bike parks that are getting the most App use. And don't worry, your data will be kept safe and secure, so when that bike park does come online, all your stats and lap stories will be available for you to see.


We also want to tell you about the #BPRO Shred Sheet! Every time you record and save a riding session with BikeParkPRO, you'll get your key stats sent back to you in a cool graphic that summarizes your day - laps, max speed, distance, and vertical. You can then share this on your social profiles to tell the world about your bike park shredding and to brag that on this day, you were running laps in the hero dirt, clearly making it a better day than anyone else could possibly have had!

And once you're finished on the mountain, head over to to check out your lap stories - a trail-trail break down of what you rode on each lap. And of course see how you stack up against the rest of the riding community in the BikeParkPRO Leaderboards - trail times, laps, total vertical, and total distance. Let the games begin...

Ultimately we want to build the most tailored and interactive bike park community that we can, so that you'll want to use it every time you ride at your local bike park. Rest assured that an Android version is on the way ASAP! But if you have any other suggestions or ideas for what you might like to see, then drop us a line at, and we'll see what we can do! And we're also looking for testers in any bike park anywhere in the world - riders that are keen to get involved and help grow the project. So get in touch if you like the sound of that too.

And in the mean time, get shredding those laps...

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