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As the chair lift floated and bobbed along up the steep grade, something appeared in the trees below us. Natalie, Devon and I belted out the same exclamation almost in unison, "what the hell is that!" Huge wooden features snaking through the evergreens beneath us. Massive jumps and drops that had to be a mirage! Were we dehydrated and hallucinating so soon into our day at the bike park? Turns out, it was Trestle Bike Park's newest trail in progress. The aptly named trail called "Hot Wheels"s got our adrenal glands pumping while just looking at it. If the trail had been open, we would have needed to upgrade our medical insurance policy before giving her a rip. 

The word on the street is that Mattel, Inc. owns the "Hot Wheels" trademark, and they dispatched one of their corporate lawyers to issue a smack-down on Trestle's use of the "Hot Wheels" name for their trail. Booo! I say, "fight-the-power" if you have the necessary resources to do so. Trestle did the prudent thing by renaming the trail "Banana Peel." Do you have the cajolies to hit it up? If so, Trestle will need you to watch a 10 minute safety video and sign the "Banana Peel" Liability Form. Make sure your last will and testament is in order. It's Pro Dude! Exceptional skillz are required yo! Watch the video and judge for yourself. -T

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