Kelly McGarry

Short and Sweet


This write up will be short and sweet. Trey, Dude and I put a lot of miles under our belt after leaving Wisconsin. We really wanted to hightail it eastward and get as far away from the gray clouds as we possibly could. We made one last stop in the mid-west to ride at a bike park in Plainfield-Illinois. Plainfield Bike Park is a very small riding area where there are multiple jump lines, lots of weeds growing on top of a skills area and an un-used boxcar that would make for a great step-up and step-down. There were a handful of kids riding there ranging in age from 6-16. Only one kid had a helmet on. I guess in Plainfield, tiny humans learn lessons the hard way.  It was an exceptionally hot day, so it didn’t take long to ride all the lines a few times over and get a move on to an RV resort where we could plug in the camper and run the AC.

If only we had more time, we’d have taken the expert advice from our new friend James Zaucha (ex-professional skateboarder), bike mechanic at Performance Bicycle. He strongly encouraged us to ride at Saw Wee Kee Park in Oswego-Illinois. Hopefully, we’ll be able to hit it up and ride with James on our way back to the west coast.

The next morning a nasty thunderstorm rolled in quickly. Having checked the weather forecast online, once again, tornadoes were “expected!” 

We didn’t want to wait around for that, so we packed it up and pointed our rig east on a mission to stay ahead of the storms. Stopping only once because the skies were clear and because there was a gigantic ice-cream cone shaped building calling our name. We were in Ohio at this point where it was hot, buggy and sunny. 

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