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A "Barrel" load of features on this trail!

Tuesday Trails

"Barrel" trail has some of the best features around, but as you know, features require a lot of work and maintenance. Dixie Mountain Bike Association, the BLM, and locals come together to [Build-Maintain-Ride].  St George - Utah is less than 20 miles from world renowned trails like "JEM" and "Gooseberry Mesa" trails, but the "Barrel" has a unique personality that makes it one of the most exciting in our opinion. However, if you go looking to ride the "Barrel", make sure you don't confuse it with the "Barrel Roll" trail. We made that mistake 2 years ago and came away wondering if all of the features had been dismantled. 

Soaking up the morning rays. Tom puts the finishing touches on the landing. 

Last feature on "Barrel" trail...first to get buffed up, and Trent gives it a go. 

New paint stenciling applied to mark the route. 

Installing a new case pad for the drop. 

Now that the shaping is complete, this landing gets some fresh dirt and a good watering. 

Options are good! Carl sourced some big rocks for the new landing...for those riders not feeling up to the bigger gap.  

Frank tests out one of the many gap jumps on "Barrel."  

Sessioning the good stuff later in the day...there's still more higher up on "Barrel" trail!

"Don't act like you're not impressed." — Ron Burgundy 

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