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Chairlift Confessions: Simon Lawton

Simon Lawton

Sometimes, early on, a person finds their purpose in life and runs with it...or, in Simon’s case...rides with it!  From bike shop owner, to pro downhill racer, instructional film creator and mountain bike coach, Simon is doing what he was meant to do, and so many mountain bikers have greatly benefited from his knowledge and skill.  With irrepressible enthusiasm, understanding and insight, Simon is able to correctly analyze and brake down the mechanics of mountain biking to affect dramatic improvements in his students in a short amount of time. We here at Chairlift Confessions can personally speak of the benefits experienced by taking one of Simon’s clinics at Whistler Bike Park.  We are proud to partner with Simon and Fluidride this season to offer a video prize giveaway and  3-day Whistler Coaching Camp for premium users of BikeParkPRO App!  

(Photo credit: Claudio Olguín Parra)

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(Photo credit: Claudio Olguín Parra)


Cleat placement for mountain bikers

We talk about Simon’s transition from owning two bike shops to becoming a full time coach

Guided trips to the Alps

1995-2010 Stories from his life as a racer

He talks about how his drive to become a better racer is what made him become a passionate coach.

Want to know about featuring? Listen to find out!

We talk cornering

Why does the bottom bracket get Simon so excited?

Ambidexterity – why is it so important?

Want to see more about Simon and his videos? Go to – find his videos under “Skill Shop”

What happened in Valparaiso Chile, that was Simon’s scariest moment? 

(Photo credit: Claudio Olguín Parra)

(Photo credit: Claudio Olguín Parra)

Having fun, looking good and feeling protected all because of these guys!


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