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When Trail Crew builds a new section of trail, or re-vamps sections of trail every once in a while we don’t get it right. Now for the most part the SSBP Trail Crew is pretty dialed and hits the sweet spot, but be assured when we miss, the crew knows about it. That is the nice thing about having a trail crew that love to ride their bikes! We can ride a trail like say Jedi Mind Trick and now we nailed it, or the new section on Shazam we re-vamped and killed it and also the all new Shazam trail off the top and know it just did not work. Just know when we miss it we, we will try to fix it. That upper section of Shazam had changes last week and it is “flowing” much better. We took out a couple of the overly tight berms and speed up the line, we finished out a couple berms so can hold the line, next we will smooth out the trail to keep you moving.

With the lack of rain maintenance is always a challenge, but we will continue to do what we can. Super Star had a couple of the really bumpy berms re-built with our mini and 250 gallons of water, Walk the Line had the last of the plywood removed and smoothed out, Lower World cup had a bucky jump refaced. We thank you for your patience and rest assured we are going to continue to improve all aspects of the Bike Park.

Even with all the maintenance we are building an all NEW Slope Style course. It is going to have a very industrial look and stadium feel. There won’t be a bad vantage point in the house as it is in a giant “hole”. We will have the riders dropping in from the top corner and working back and forth with “boner” logs, huge step ups, drops, wood “dirt” jumps, big air ¼ pipes and a whale tail finish. It is an FMBA tour stop this year so will be well organized with proper judges and formatting. But more than anything it is going to be a fun course to ride and a great event to watch. We will also have the Shazam Chainless race on the Sunday. So no matter what you want to ride in one of the events or watch the show it is going to be a great festival weekend on Silver Star Aug 31st – 1st. See you up here.


ABOUT CAM SORENSEN: Cam has been heading up the trail crew at Silver Star since 2005 and has designed the master plan for the bike park trail network that you enjoy today with the help of some of his closest friends and colleagues on trail crew. There is no one that knows this park better because he's built every berm, designed every jump and dreamed up every new trail.

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