Whistler Air Dome

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The Air Dome is where to head when the weather turns south.  8,400 sqft of indoor ramps and pipes and a huge foam pit where DJ, Ss, DH and BMX are all welcome to get some rotating air with the bonus of a nice soft landing every time.  There are 3 jumps into the pit, giving progression from 1st timers to old pro's.

The Air Dome is in Lot 8 on Blackcomb.  To get there, park in Lot 6, then get to the top of Glacier lane and follow signs past the Sliding Centre. There is a limit of 30 riders at any time, and kids from 5-12 have to be accompanied by an adult or registered in one of the programs.  Helmets and leg guards/long trousers/pants mandatory, and a clean bike is always nice.  If you cant be bothered to scrub your ride, you can rent one for $25.




Ticket Details

Air Dome is currently offering a 3-hour pass for $19, or a season pass for $240.

Opening Times

Opening times vary depending on time of year and day of the week.  Check Contact / for details on how to get in touch with Whistler.