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Womans Open held at Beerfelden Bike Park in Germany Beerfelden

This event is going to take place on March 29. and 30. The park will only be open to womens and girls on both of those days!

The park will be opened from 10.00 am to 6 pm.
Every woman/girl who is interesseted can come without registration.
We apply the usual rates.
Adults (born in 1996 or older)  19,-- Euro per day
Children (born in 1997 or younger)  12.-- Euro per day.

The team of Ridingstyle with Solveig Lindgren provides pratice classes in the park on thoses days. Except for the classes that are held in the park, they are an undertaking of Ridingstyle.  Informations about those classes and reservations (which is imperativ) are available on the website of Ridingstyle (

Here is a video from last years event.

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