Winterberg /


The Bikepark Winterberg is Germany’s premier bike park. It draws downhill-addicts all the way from the Alps and the North Sea coast. Boasting creative and challenging obstacles, it ranks among the best Europe has to offer. Well-thought-out trails and extensive grooming make it easy to find your personal flow and get into the rhythm. You’ll find everything you need to train, work on your technique and style or just do some easy cruising with your trail buddies. Check it out and rock the park!

Winterberg Bikepark is the focal point of the German downhill scene – and you can be part of it. A giant adventure playground to be explored on a bike is waiting for you. To get started, you don’t need pro-skills. There’s enough ground for all levels of riding. Plus the bike park offers trails designed especially to take you to the top of your game: step by step. Taking the lift back up the mountain – that’s what makes biking here more fun and less sweat! The lift takes bikers and their rides back to the summit in no time, saving your energy for when you want it. Choose from professionally-tended trails of all difficulty levels for your descent. Taking the first steps with friend and colleagues is a world of fun. There are courses to learn the technical basics of riding and fitting equipment can be rented at the bike station.