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Give Me Some Of That Brown Pow Mountain Creek Q&A

Q&A: Mountain Creek Bike Park!

Who are you and what do you do at Mountain Creek Bike Park?

My name is Marc Tremain and I’m the Operations Manager for Mountain Creek Bike Park

How long ago did Mountain Creek become a Bike Park?  

Mountain Creek has been home to lift accessed mountain biking since the late 90’s, it’s been quite a rollercoaster since those early days, but I think it’s safe to say that every year keeps getting better and better.    

How many visitors do you get in a weekend/season? What was your biggest day ever on record?

On average, our park will see around 1,000 riders over the course of a weekend; our busiest day of all time was during closing weekend 2013, when we shredded with over 1000 of our closest bike riding friends.

What is the most popular trail at your bike park?

The most popular trail at Mountain Creek would have to be Alpine. Situated directly underneath the cabriolet gondola lift, Alpine is an advanced trail with two individual riding lines comprised of berms, jumps, transfers, wall-rides, step downs and more.  The entire length of Alpine is visible to the riders ascending the mountain on the lift, therefore allowing a bird’s eye view of all the action down below.

Do you have plans for a new trail this year or plans to re-develop an existing trail?

Heck yeah we do! This season will bring some exciting new projects for the trail crew at MCBP. Here’s a quick look at just some of our plans.

  • Large jump-line added to the lower mountain
  • New beginner trail
  • Lengthening of the popular jump trail; ‘Tempest
  • Continued development and expansion of ‘Alpine
  • New optional jump take-offs for our BagJump
  • Enhanced skill development zone

What is the mountain bike scene like at your resort?

The scene at our resort is more a community than a scene. All the regulars know each other on a first name basis and are always willing to help out a ‘newb’ or lend you a tube. It’s really evolved in to something special. All our infrastructure improvements, trail changes, even our operating hours are all created and modified with the best interest of our mountain bike guest.

Tell me a little bit about your town. Where do out-of-towners like to stay while visiting Mountain Creek? Are there any restaurants or bars that mtb-ers like to hang?

One of Mountain Creek’s great amenities is our plethora of hospitality offerings.  Most riders from out of town choose to lodge at our on-site Appalachian Hotel for the great views of the mountain, our bike and stay discounts and to top it off, the hotel is literally right next door to our bike center and bike park lift access. After the shredding is done for the day, head to The Biergarten for a bratwurst sandwich and a couple $3 PBR tall boys and enjoy the authentic bike après, Jersey style.

Do you have any big events going on this summer at your bike park?

Our event calendar is stacked with events all spring, summer and fall! Some highlights are:

  • Spring Classic ProGRT
  • King of the Mountain Enduro (Part of the Triple Crown Enduro Series)
  • Summer Scramble H2H XC race
  • Thursday night race series which occurs weekly all summer long, followed by an evening of karaoke and drink specials in The Biergarten!

How has the snow been over the winter? Will it affect your opening date? Do you have an opening day in mind yet?

Ah yes, Snow… The gift and the curse. It’s been an incredible winter season here in New Jersey with plenty of natural snowfall and cold temps, allowing our ski and snowboard business to thrive and our terrain parks to flourish. Even if we have to plow snow away from our ski trail crossings, the bike park will open on May 3 no matter what the circumstances.  

What does the future hold for your resort?

The sky is the limit! Our resort is home to multiple peaks, a handful of high-speed chairlifts and a couple thousand acres of land. Our main goal is to attract outdoor oriented people to experience lift accessed mountain biking, have a real great time and then come back for more and more. The more average folks we can convert into bike folks, equates to additional un-used resort space we can convert in to bike park terrain.

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