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The New Bike Park Holidays Section

Bike Park Holidays Section News

Thinking of getting away for a week or more of bike park shredding? Then we're here to help out, and bring you the best bike park holiday and vacation opportunities from around the world...

We're guessing you value your time on the trails and you work hard to give yourself that opportunity. So it would really suck to end up somewhere that sucks! It's becoming increasingly common to put the effort in and travel to a bike park that's a long way from home, to explore a new location and check out the trails in a different country or even continent! So if you're starting to plan your summer vacation then our new Holidays section of the website may just come in useful. We'll do some digging and share what we find in this area. After that it's up to you - the biggest problem likely to be deciding exactly where to go!

There's a couple of great destinations featured so far - Morzine in the French Alps, and Hafjell in Norway, scene of this season's UCI World Championships. So it's a good start, but expect to see much more appear here soon. Access is via the main menu at the top of the page, or... here to check out the new section!

Happy holidays...

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