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Kicking Horse Trail Crew Update 3 - 2013 KHBP Trail update 3

If rain is hot, invisible and comes from the sun, then it has been raining a lot here lately. That rain sure does make it dry and dusty though. But it's the middle of summer, so bring it on! As the photo of Gale Force above shows, with the dirt so unworkable in these conditions, we've been doing wood projects.

The big news is that we finally got the saddle on Swamp Donkey. She was a wild beast to break, but she ain't tame yet. But more on that in a moment. (Ha ha, I said "moron"!) I'll begin in the alpine where half our focus has been. In the photo below you can see (l to r) Northern Lights, 10 Road, Pipestone and Rock Garden. We have big plans for that big empty space in the middle.

Some new hips were added to the top of the 10 Road to add some spice for those who don't want to just go full throttle for the big hip below.

The fellas put this new step-up/hip at the entrance of Rock Garden. You don't need as much speed as you might think, but try the hip first. The other stunts got beefed up as well, breathing fresh life into this one-of-a-kind route.

Here is a follow cam of the new Pipestone. The mention of Rockstone at the end of the video refers to a very non-dirt extension that will probably be an ongoing effort for the rest of our lives. But it means you get to miss the menacing corner on the 10 Road below.

Pipestone on Pinkbike

We are very pleased with how the new beginning to Superberm is turning out. We completed another major tweak at the first crossroad with the 10 Road. I call it Temple Shot because that's where I got stung by a wasp while scrounging around for rocks. It allows for a higher speed drop-in so you can carry your speed into the first table, and also catches you so you don't end up in a tangled mess of bike, human and vegetation off the trail.

So while the others have been working on those projects, I have been learning how to abuse a mini-excavator on Swamp Donkey. You can see the mud line on the mini-ex. In the distance you can barely see the wall rides on School Marm. This trail now connects to there (not open yet) and will allow a by-pass of the chairlift. You will be able to access Superberm and Swamp Donkey from here.

This is what the section of Swamp Donkey that inspired the name looked like before we bore into it.

And finally, a great place awaits to re"hydrate". One month left to go only. Get up here (and bring a few days of drizzle with you please).

There is a trail back there slowly developing. The final connection was just made to complete the trail. The machines are in there now shaping the future.

Western Open this weekend! Hi Brett Tippie, sorry I won't be there this year to see you live. Enjoy!
Ride on. Crowe

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