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Mountain biking in Les 2 Alpes Bike Park is just amazing! With a drop in altitude from 3,200m on the glacier to 720 m in the valley that's 2,480m vertical to play with. And a total of 9 lifts help you on your way, giving you access to 20 marked downhill trails and more than 100 km of other bike routes. The DH trails immediately off the top (Canyons, Jandri, Ayton) are loose shale, fast with plenty of tight berms. Be warned, the high altitude is immediately noticeable as even a short pedal section gets you out of breath quickly.

Take the short detour to climb up about 100m to ride the black Super Intégrale trail – it's well worth it. This is a much more natural section of trail without the built berms in the corners, tight and then also very steep near the bottom. It also features a couple of north-shore style wooden ramps that on their own are fine but have very technical entry and exit sections. From the top of the Oeufs Blanc gondola check out the awesome Sapins trail, with fast and tight berms that have you bouncing from one side to the other, left to right, before you really know whats going on!

Just one more run?

A unique feature of 2 Alpes... how often do the lifts close at bike parks before you have had enough (just one more run…!)? Well the Diable gondola is open until 18:00 and the Venosc gondola is open until 20:00. From the top of Diable you can still get to just under half the named trails on that side of the mountain, and have 1440m of height to play with down to Venosc. The result is that if you can handle it, you can ride lift accessed trails from 9am until 8pm – amazing!

Finally, if might be a green trail but check out the Cretes trail due to the incredible views. It takes you down a ridge-line and after a short wooded section you emerge at the end of the ridge-line almost hanging off the Les 2 Alpe valley with cliffs plunging 100′s of meters down to the depths below. Maybe just one more run...



Ticket Details

Morning Pass (0900 to 1400) 17 EUR 13,50 EUR
Afternoon Pass (1300 to 1900) 15 EUR 12 EUR
6-day (consecutive) Pass 105 EUR 84 EUR
4 non-consecutive day Pass 78 EUR 62,50 EUR
Season Pass 285 EUR 230 EUR


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