Metabief /



Riding styles and interests can differ significantly, so it is important for a good bike park to offer variety in its trails and features. Metabief Bike Park in France is one of those fantastic bike parks that offers something for everyone to enjoy.

These days it's common for mountain bikers like to bring their families along for the experience. Metabief has some trails that are perfect for a family, as they are gentle and easy so that riders of all experience levels can enjoy them together. If you are a downhill fanatic, there are also some fast and difficult trails you can take that will get your blood pumping. All of the trails at the Metabief Bike Park are accessible by lift.

Freeride experts will be pleased to take an exhilarating ride through the freeride trails that have all the features you have come to know and love in some of the best bike parks in the world. For bikers who are coming for the weekend, there is excellent accommodation guaranteed to make your stay comfortable when you are not on the trails.