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Les Orres Bike Park is renowned for its large variety of mountain bike trails, which not only enables families to enjoy pleasant strolls in the forest, but also bikers to train on one of the best bike park of the Alps. Indeed, the county promotes its 500km of FFC blazed paths with an exceptional panorama on Serre-Ponçon Lake. With 41 trails of different length and level of experience, the bike park fits everyone’s needs with easy loops and downhills from the peaks to the lake’ shore, and especially the 28km long Les Orres-Embrun trail with an 1800m difference in height.

The resort built its reputation on the bike park. Entirely dedicated to MTB and served by 2 high-speed chairlifts with a seating capacity of 6 people each, the site runs from 1600m to 2600m of altitude and the diversity of its trails will please every kind of biker. While its highest part requires technique and welcomes mostly downhill racers, the lower part and its fitted amenities will suit beginners and kids. There are 15 downhill trails in total with 4 levels of experience (green to black, as for the ski slopes) included a North Shore with different wooden modules: wooden bridge, seesaw, roller coaster, wall ride, step up as well as a four cross. And look out for their new red downhill trail that will open in 2015 !




Ticket Details

4 hours (half day) Pass €19.00 €15.00
1 Day Pass €21.00 €17.00
6 Days Pass €105.00 €85.00
Season Pass €180.00 €180.00


Opening Times

Week-end of 21st / 22nd of June and then every day from 27th June to 30st August 2014 - Plus the first 3 weekends of September 2015

Contact Info

SEMLORE - Office de Tourisme 

T : +33 (0)492 440 161
F: +33 (0)492 440 456