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One huge area of mountain bike heaven - with Tignes and Val d'Isere joining forces to provide the Tignes-Val d'Isere Bike Park! This summer, ride down 100's of kilometers of awesome bike park trails, and do it for FREE!  That's right, there is NO LIFT PASS required. Expert or beginner? Adrenaline hunter or curious to discover this booming mountain sport? Get your free lift pass and enjoy this amazing territory! Your programme: difficult and elite trails for downhill enthusiasts, endurance trails accessible to everyone, cross-country as well as a fun area to practice before taking the plunge to the “big” Bike Park. Located in the mountain ranges of Palafour and Tovière, the bike park proposes downhill runs and tracks for beginners as well as experts. Enjoy free access to all trails by the Toviere aeroski and the Palafour ski lift. The natural ups and downs of Tignes’ landscape makes an ideal playground for all styles of mountain biking: rugged or hilly, grassy slopes suited to downhill runs or gentle slopes for beginners, rare spots such as “doline de gypse” and not forgetting the view!



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Er, it's free.  Seriously.

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BP 51 - 73321

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Tél. +33 4 79 40 04 40 or +33 4 79 40 04 40