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CPGANG partyRIDE weekend

A thousand riders at Mottolino Bikepark during CP GANG PartyRIDE weekend 2017

21 July 2017

Two days dedicated to downhill and freeride in Livigno with a thousand riders and top Italian athletes

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Mottolino bikepark Livigno

BikeParkPRO: ride your favourite park and win prizes!

12 July 2017

Download the app, ride bikepark Mottolino and win!

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CPGANG partyRIDE weekend 2016

Less than a week to the Cp Gang Party Ride 2nd edition at bikepark Mottolino, Livigno.

11 July 2017

Italian top dirt riders are confirmed!

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Mottolino Bikepark: appointment with the 2nd CPGANG PartyRIDE Weekend on July 15th and 16th

29 June 2017

CPGANG is arriving at the Mottolino Bikepark in Livigno.

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Motto opening

Mottolino Bikepark in Livigno: downhill season has begun

11 June 2017

The bikepark is open, with a lot of riders and a couple of special guest riders. Watch the video!

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5 reasons not to miss the opening of the Mottolino Bikepark

5 June 2017

5 days before the opening of the bikepark here are 5 reasons not to miss the big opening

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Livigno opening 2015

Gearing up for the new bike season

9 June 2015

June 13th is the day! The final snowflakes have melted away and Italy's "Little Tibet" will be ready to start its 2015 bike season.

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Livigno Snowbiking

VIDEO: Livigno is getting fatter – on the bike!

20 February 2015

VIDEO: Livigno (ITA), February 19th 2015 – During the winter season mountain bikers normally are tucked away in their warm homes eagerly waiting for the snow to melt. But this is now a thing of the past – at least in the mountain bike resort of Livigno. The rapidly growing trend of fat biking has been embraced in the popular holiday resort. Livigno has introduced 20 kilometers (13 miles) of trails, specifically designed for this discipline of mountain biking. Now, visitors can enjoy time in the

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Livigno closing

Knights, tricks and fat bikes: This was Livigno’s bike season

28 November 2014

Livigno (ITA), November 25th 2014 – With the winter months drawing in, the mountain bike season in Livigno comes to an end. Once again the Italian resort has given mountain bike fans incredible highlights and memories. It began with BIKE Festival Riva and the Nine Knights contest, then travelled to Eurobike in Friedrichshafen for a live Danny MacAskill Drop and Roll show and finished with the Funny Fat Festival.

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Nine Knights Rider List

FIAT Nine Knights 2013 - The Riders List is Set

26 August 2013

The course building for the 2013 FIAT Nine Knights MTB in Livigno from September 2nd to 7th runs at full speed and the list of riders and photographers is complete. We happily announce the winners of the Online Video Qualification and the Killer Loop Photo Qualification.

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