Pila /


Pila was the first resort in the Aosta Valley and in the western Alps with a dedicated downhill track. The vocation of Pila for “active holidays” is by now famous, but perhaps nobody expected that Pila Bike Park is equipped of a true “bike-stadium”: 4 main tracks and 3 variants of permanent mountain bike tracks with different degrees of difficulty, 1 freeride track towards Aosta which drops down 1700m in altitude over a distance of 11km for one epic descent!

The freeride tracks are accessible to all passionate people of the mountain bike, who can attempt in exciting runs: a little technique and reliable bike will be sufficient. The free-ride track runs pass mainly through natural countryside and are alternating with easy and difficult stretch of trails. Please follow the signs showing the difficulty. Two short stretches of the freeride extreme tracks are very difficult and are for enthusiast experts who want to try their limits.

In Pila it is also possible to choose, beyond the tracks of bike-stadium, a good number of cross country tracks: 12 routes for a total of 185 km of descent, starting from 2300 until 600 m. of altitude which will plunge you into an extraordinary panorama with sights on the 4000 valdôtains.