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The Paganella bike park is located in the Fai della Paganella region in Trentino, Northern Italy. All the bike park trails were designed to trace the elements of the existing natural trails, following the curvature of the ground and weaving in to a series of old footpaths and mule tracks that were in a state of neglect or disuse. Paganella therefore offers a truly ‘natural’ bike park. There was no need for heavy machinery in the construction, and where the features could be used to enhance the trails then they have been, with hand-made wooden structures, wall rides, drops and jumps etc.

The 2011 season saw the addition of 3 more principle lines; ‘Easy Rider’ is a natural, rhythmic trail, with flow features and technical sections. And the 2 Freeride / DH trails ‘Apocalypse Now’ and ‘Clockwork Orange’, which are faster, and offer some highly technical features. On top of this, a series of 10 mini-trail connections were created which enable riders to transfer from one trail to the other offering huge variations in trail choice in any one run. Finally there was the addition of a new jump area with a BigAirBAG kicker.

For the 2012 season, the park underwent somewhat of a facelift with even greater integration of trails and facilities into the mountain resort. The new ‘Fight Club’ trail represents the first real easy-flow trail with a moderate gradient best suited for beginners, or when you just need a rest from the tougher stuff! Major maintenance work was conducted on all the other trails, new north shore features were added, improved signposting was set up, the new pump track was created, and the mountain bike coaching service was established.

All in all this is a bike park on the up.



Ticket Details

Single Run 7 5
1 day 20 15
2 days 35 30
3 days 50 40
4 days 60 50
5 days 70 60
Season Pass 200 150

All prices in Euros.

*Reduced price applicable for the following:

  • Groups of 10 people or more
  • Those already in possession of a 2011/2012 winter season pass
  • Those born after 1st January 1996
  • Members of the Danger Zone Racing Team

Opening Times

Every weekend in May and June:

     - 05/06 May
     - 12/13 May
     - 19/20 May
     - 26/27 May

     - 02/03 June
     - 09/10 June
     - 16/17 June
     - 23/24 June

     - 30/01 July

Every day from July 7 to September 9


Opening hours:

     09:00 to 12:30 / 13:30 to 17:00 (from April 28 to July 1)
     09:00 to 12:30 / 14:00 to 17:30 (from July 7 to September 9)