Beigua Freeride

Beigua Freeride /


The natural park of Monte Beigua in Italy has already in itself an incredible number of natural trails. But now, thanks to the efforts of the BIT riders association (BEIGUA INSANE TRIBE), many of the numerous abandoned old foot-paths have been transformed into flowing freeride mountain bike trails, all with breathtaking views overlooking the sea​​. And thanks to this location, these trails are ridable all year round! In addition to the various enduro trails, the BIT offer an uplift service using vans, so freeriders/downhills can put in the laps in - they'll even accompany you to discover the trail network with those in the know! Visit their website where you can find videos, photos and all the information you need to plan your cycling holiday. You can stay in shelters out in the backcountry, really connecting with nature, or in the city of Varazze, the Italian capital of surfing, or whatever you chose - they'll help you find your ideal accommodation.


Opening Times

Open all year round.