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Finale Ligure Bike Park is the land of flowy single trails! While this term has been heavily used in the past decade and almost every resort claims it, but in this case it’s absolutely true. Finale Ligure Bike Park has a unique trail network that makes it a mountain bike heaven. Whether you prefer easy going cross country tours or thrilling freeride descents, you’ll find your dream trails. And the best part about it is that you’ll often enjoy the trails to yourself!

Each day you can hit incredible lines, there’s virtually a track on every hill and each one is better than the last! Finale Ligure’s trails are not only located directly at the seaside, but also reach far out into its backcountry and mountains. The style of the trails range from soft forest terrain to rocky, almost blocked paths and of course everything in between. The perfect combination for days of excellent mountain biking! To be frank, Finale Ligure is definitely a hard rocking bike resort that you’re sure to love and want to come back to.