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The East Coast Road Trip Starts NOW!

East Coast Road Trip Starts now

After a few months of planning and preparation, the time has finally come. The East Coast Road Trip starts NOW!

Throughout the next 2 months, we’ll be on the road visiting 15 of the biggest and best bike parks on the East Coast of the US and Canada. You can follow the full tour right here on the East Coast Chronicles Feature Series, where we’ll post regular articles about where we've been, what we’re up to, who we’re riding with, and everything that you really want to know about the bike parks that we visit and the trails we ride. On the right hand side of series section, you'll see a few links to pages that might be of quick-reference interest - like the ROUTE & SCHEDULE, which we'll keep up to date so you know where we are at any one time!

Follow us on Facebook

The very latest info about where we are and what we're up to is always going to be on Facebook. So if you want to keep up to date on a daily basis then 'Like' our facebook page here. If if you want to make extra sure that you see everything, then click the "Get Notifications" option from the drop-down menu displayed when you hover the mouse over the "Liked" button - check out the image if you're not sure exactly where it is...

We’ll be posting many of the images that we shoot to the Facebook page, so if you see yourself in any of them, then go ahead and tag it! If you like the image and want a copy then drop us a line and we’ll gladly send it your way.

Follow us on Twitter

We'll be tweeting out our up-to-the-minute location details as we go, so make sure you follow us on Twitter, so you know exactly where we’ll be. That way you can come and say hi, and grab a little something to keep you moving (see below!).

Follow us on Instagram

Expect a LOT of Instagram action over the next 2 months! As well as using #WorldBikeParks, we'll also be using the hashtag #ECRT (East Coast Road Trip obviously!). All these instagrams will then appear in the dedicated INSTAGRAM tab on the right hand side of the East Coast Chronicles series pages, so keep an eye out there or better still go direct and follow us on Instagram.  Of course it would be great to see your pics of all the locations we hit up, so use the same hashtags to get your own pictures in the mix.

Get involved

We'll be meeting loads of local riders on location everywhere we go, and getting your insight and opinions of your local bike park and trails. So if you see us on location then come and say hi, have a chat, tell us what you think of the trails, and join us for a ride. We’ll also be shooting stacks of images and videos, so there’s even a chance you could feature in them!

Plus, to fuel us through a grueling 2 months of riding, the awesome guys at Nature’s Bakery and Rip Van Waffles have sent us a huge amount of baked goodies. This should keep us going nicely, and better still - we have plenty to share! So if you’ve already put in multiple laps and are running on empty, come and grab a free one from us and we’ll get you back out on the trails until the lifts shut.

Expect great locations, awesome trails, cool people, random antics and anything else that can happen when you hit the road for 2 months. We hope you’ll join us for the ride.

Sugarbush here we come...

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