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Highland Bike Park Report Card

Highland Report Card

A true mountain bike mecca - Highland Mountain has erupted from small beginnings and developed year on year in to something huge! The only chairlift operating dedicated mountain bike park in the world, with trails, features and facilities for everything you can think of doing on a bike.

Total Vertical: 568 ft
Number of Lifts: 1
Type of uplift: 3-man chairlift
Bike Attachment: Bike trays and a hook on side of chairs
Number of Trails: 32
Guides available: Yes
Lessons available: Yes
Beginner Trails: Perfect trails to learn to ride bikes
Intermediate Trails: This is the place to work your way up to the big stuff with excellent progression trails.
Advanced Trails: The pros come here for a very good reason!
Technical trails: Some very technical DH’s but would be nice if there was more altitude for a longer run.
Flow/jump trails: As good as it gets!
Trail variety: Genuinely has a bit of everything.
Trail Conditions: Perfectly built and groomed.
Trail signposting: Never an issue.
Other trails in area: Who cares – you won’t want to leave anyway. N/A
Day Pass Value for money: Would willingly pay more to ride here!
Ease of parking to lift:  
Lift lines: Never really a problem, even over the weekend. But be prepared to wait a little on super busy days.
Quality of rental fleet: The best bikes around in optimum condition.
On-site Bike Shop: Super skilled mechanics and lots of swag.
Lunch options: Great selection at the café.
Water by the lifts (yes/no): But you can leave your own water bottle right at the lift and the lodge is only 50 ft away. NO
Lockers available (yes/no):   YES
Camping/RV park (yes/no): But overnight parking is permitted... NO
Staff friendliness: The Highland family…
Family-friendly: Awesome so long as your kids are here to mountain bike!
Restaurants: Not a main meal sort of place – head to town.
Nightlife: Just what you make for yourself, and they have their own bar..!
Random: Big shout out to the corner compound and the Jesus Camp – you know who you are. Keep on living the dream…


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