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Seven Springs Bike Park Report Card

7Springs Report Card

7Springs Bike Park has great potential. Hopefully we can come back in the future and see what changes they have made to grow their bike park.  

Total Vertical: 490 ft
Number of Lifts: 1
Type of uplift: Charilift
Bike Attachment: Hold your bike on your lap.
Number of Trails: 19
Guides available: No
Lessons available: No
Beginner Trails: Only 1 trail really. They need more to bring in beginner riders.
Intermediate Trails: Most of them would fall in to this category.
Advanced Trails: More like advanced features than advanced trails.
Technical trails: Only in sections.
Flow/jump trails: Good flow, and some good jumps, but not really a dedicated big hit machine-built jump trail.
Trail variety: All the different styles of riding exist, but the quantity & quality of the riding needs improvement. 
Trail Conditions: Generally good quality trails. However, the jump line near the bottom of the mountain was in bad shape. (But they had plans to rebuild the bottom part of that trail.)
Trail signposting: A couple of points we had to get out the map and were totally confused about which trail we were on. 
Other trails in area: Visit was too short unfortunately. But we hear there is great XC in the area. N/A
Day Pass Value for money: $38 on a weekend. It sucks having to hold your bike on your lap while going up on the lift!
Ease of parking to lift: No parking problems.
Lift lines: No wait at all. 
Quality of rental fleet: Not great.
On-site Bike Shop: Not very big or well stocked.
Lunch options: Lots of eateries in and around the Main Lodge.
Water by the lifts (yes/no):   No
Lockers available (yes/no):   No
Camping/RV park (yes/no):   No
Staff friendliness: Bike Park yes. Hotel not so much – seemed to think a flood in the cabin following heavy rainfall was no big deal, despite water pooling on the floor around an electric socket. Not handled well at all.
Family-friendly: BOOM – makes you tired just reading about all there is to do.
Restaurants: Got to keep fuelled! 5 casual diners, 2 fine-dining restaurants, and a load of bars and lounges. Get stuffed.
Nightlife: Sort of. Depends how much you drink at the bars, and who you are with!

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