Chicksands /
United Kingdom


Located in the Bedfordshire countryside, Chicksands Bike Park offers maintained bike park trails for those in and around London and the South of England. The park is open everyday with riders able to hit the trail from first light until it's too dark to ride; they don't operate strict opening times. And it's got everything a biker needs... First up, a National Standard 4X Course built for those of you who can’t ride alone, or for those of you that enjoy a bit of argy-bargy on the way down. There's a dual slalom, recommended for riders to start from so they get an understanding of how their courses ride. Being the easiest track here it's ideal for a novice wanting to improve their off road bike handling skills.

There are 3 sets of dirt-jumps in the bike park, and this is all before you get to the main trails! The Bull Run and the Snake Run are the dedicated DH trails, intended for experienced riders as there are few or no chicken runs around the big-hit features on these courses. And a freeride trail, consisting of tight technical turns, thin narrow sections, whoops and a step-up, step-down feature, again for the more experienced riders. And it's not just gravity trails at Chicksands as there are currently two cross country routes available, and the local mountain bike club and the Forestry Commission are working together to create some new routes that should offer some challenging XC riding in the future. All XC routes are outside the bike park and are free to ride.