7-Stanes: Ae

7-Stanes: Ae /
United Kingdom


Ae, Scotland’s shortest village name is only 20 minutes from the M74 motorway in Dumfries and Galloway... But ride the trails at Ae Bike Park and you’ll think you’re in another world. With a superb variety of green, blue and red graded trails, an extreme rated downhill section, skills area plus a bike shop and great cafe you could not want for more at Ae. And best of all - book yourself an uplift day with the guys at Uplift Scotland.

  • Ae Valley Route - A green-graded trail is aimed mainly at families. Taking you to a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the Water of Ae.
  • The Larch View Route - A blue-graded trail is suitable for those families looking to take in a little bit more of the forest.
  • Ae Line - Is a challenging red-graded ride with an aggressive freeride style. The highlight of the route is the final descent of Omega Man with its multiplicity of jumps.
  • The Shredder - Is perfect if downhill is more your thing. This orange-graded bike park is an entry level downhill track giving you a taste of everything.
  • Ae Downhill - This orange-graded park route provides a bigger challenge with its seriously gnarly rocky sections satisfying the most demanding of riders.



Ticket Details

No charge for using the trails. Car parking charges of £3 per day apply.

Opening Times

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Contact Info

Contact the 7stanes Mountain Biking Community Interest Company at info@7stanesmountainbiking.com for further details, or take a look at the Ae area of the website at http://www.7stanesmountainbiking.com/Ae