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Stromlo Forest Park is a world-class multi-use, recreational sporting facility available to both recreational and professional users. Stromlo Bike Park boasts mountain bike tracks to suit any level of rider and is only ten minutes drive from Canbera city. After the devastating Canberra bush fires of 2003, the landscape of what is now Stromlo Forest Park more closely resembled the surface of the Moon rather than that of a forest. Since the subsequent unveiling of the park in 2007 the trees have been growing faster than ever and the mountain bike trails are getting better by the day.

Stromlo Forest Park offers it’s users a huge variety of world class riding, from a large selection of beginner and intermediate trails to riding the same tracks used at the 2009 UCI World Mountain Bike Championships... The world-class Stromlo Forest Park Downhill Track was used for Round 6 of the 2008 UCI World Cup and the 2009 UCI World Mountain Bike Championships where, after a decade of 2nd place finishes, the legend that is Steve Peat won his first ever World Championships. Designed by Glenn Jacobs and Completed in 2007 it was also used for the 2007, 2008 and 2009 Australian National Championships. Since its inception the track has undergone a host of improvements over time to improve speed and flow for riders and make the track more spectacular for spectators.

The cross country trail network at Stromlo Forest Park boasts over 60km of professionally built and maintained trails. From the dedicated Holden’s Creek beginner’s area, to double black diamond options such as Goat’s Gully and Cardiac Arrest, there are trails to suit all riding abilities and styles, from cross country beginners to downhill pros. If planning a ride, be sure to check the Trail Status link for up to date information regarding all the mountain bike trails and their current condition.