Järvsö /


Bike park riding is growing at an awesome rate in Sweden and Järvsö has embraced the concept, unique in that they provide trails that anyone can ride. At Järvsö Bike Park you can discover a whole mountain of exciting bike trails for all skill categories. They have everything from the simplest of green trails to the really, really difficult trails for experts only! The surface of the trails varies from fine soil to roots and rocks.There are also numerous built barriers and features such as bridges and overpasses.

The green Monica trail is mostly for those with very little riding experience. The trail is incredibly smooth, with no jumps, ramps, or drops to worry about, so beginners can truly get a feel for the bike and for the terrain. Then you can check out the more advanced DH Barbro trail, with plenty of jumps to hit, although if still not comfortable you can simply roll over the lips at a slower speed. Of course there are trails for the other end of the ability scale, with the black rated expert trails of Kristin and Itzy-bitzy offering seriously steep DH action. And besides the 6 dedicated DH trails Järvsö also has it's very own dirt jump park and pump track. Bike and equipment rental is right on hand in the village so you don't need to go far. It's got all you'll ever need at a bike park!