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Nara Bike Park in the Blenio valley is well known for its stunning nature as well as its Enduro and Flow trails network. The «Black Wood Line» is Nara’s first cable car supported Freeride trail. It’s 3.3 km long and kills 480 vertical meters. Its single trail character has been pimped with a lot of jumps (doubles and tables), big berms and north-shore sections. It’s a fast & fun ride for all riders. The first section of the «Black Wood Line» (about 900m) at an altitude of almost 2’000 meters is a trail with a lot of flow and many parabolic turns. It also contains double and regular jumps.

Before reaching the area of the chairlift pole nr. 21, there is a part left to its natural state and therefore very tricky. After a short run on the ski-slope, the track enters the forest, the Black Wood, where the terrain is flatter but the jumps increase. It follows a very fast trail that brings you to the second part in the woods. In this section there are north-shore elements and little kickers. The last section is a spectacular toboggan with earth parabolic curves and an amazing surrounding nature.

Once out of the woods a fast segment with bigger kickers attends you and invites you to the last parabolic curves. After carefully crossing the asphalt road, an enjoyable singletrail with a few jumps takes the bikers to the start of the chairlift at Cancorì-Nara and to the Restaurant "La Pernice".


Ticket Details

Day-Pass MTB (CHF)
Family (number of children unlimited) 50
Individual 25
Single fare (CHF)
Chair-lift Junior** one way 6
Chair-lift Junior** two ways 10
Chair-lift Adults one way 10
Chair-lift Adults two ways 15
Additional cost for MTB transport 2
Season-Pass MTB (CHF)
Family (number of children unlimited) 400
Individual 200

**Junior: 6-20 years old; students/apprentices until 25yo if they have the respective student-card with them.

Opening Times


First chair-lift: Leontica (875m)-Cancorì (1460m)
Second chair-lift: Cancorì(1460m)-Pian Nara (1940m)


First chair-lift LEONTICA-CANCORÌ
EVERY WEEKEND & HOLIDAYS from 31.05 until 31.08.2014
DAILY OPEN during the holiday bridges of 1º August (01-10.08.2014) and Ferragosto (15-17.08.2014)
09.00 – 17.00 [Weather allowing]

Second chair-lift CANCORÌ-PIAN NARA
EVERY WEEKEND & HOLIDAYS from 31.05 until 31.08.2014
DAILY OPEN during the holiday bridges of 1º August (01-10.08.2014) and Ferragosto (15-17.08.2014)
09.30 – 16.00 [Weather allowing]

Please call the number +41 91 871 18 28 for real-time information.

Contact Info

INFO HOTLINE: +41 91 871 18 28

Director of the Nara resort:
Fabio Mandioni Cell. +41 79 429 81 33

Amici del Nara SA CH-6716 Acquarossa (TI)

Tel: +41 91 871 11 11