Zau[:ber:]g Semmering

Zau[:ber:]g Semmering /


The Zau[:ber:]g Semmering Bike Park consists of numerous trails with a total distance of 7 km and offers action and entertainment for all ages, beginners and professionals alike. Not only will hard-boiled bikers enjoy the great biking trails of the magic mountain, but also the whole family. A special treat for families, bikepark beginners and company outings is a ride with the monster rollers. Equipped with one of our monster rollers, protection gear and helmet, you can fly down the family trail to the valley.

Advanced riders enjoy the freeride trail with its challenging passages and fun jumps. On the steep downhill ride, a trail left in its natural state, experienced bikers speed down to the valley. Freeriders can go wild in the slopestyle park, where jumps and other elements guarantee action and fun. Another highlight of the bike park is the northshore park next to the lower station, where one can ride and jump on various wooden elements. If you rather pass on this great challenge, you may enjoy watching the bikers from the ZauberBAR terrace which offers great views. There is also the possibility of renting the latest Specialized bikes and protective gear at the valley station of the Zau[:ber:]g cable car.