Sierra Nevada

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With 4 trails of more than 20 km in length and a vertical drop of 1.565m. accumulated, you'll feel like an expert from the World Cup at Sierra Nevada Bike Park. The peak reaches 3,000 meters where you embark on a frantic descent to Pradollano ski station - this is the big show at Sierra Nevada for DH riders. The Montebajo Trail has a new layout designed by expert riding teams, technicians and station agents and advised and supervised by the Sierra Nevada National Park, and is based on the trail used in the MTB World Championships held in Sierra Nevada in 2000. To access the circuit, you have to take the cable car and go to Borreguiles Dilar Lomar where the Montebajo circuit begins. Throw in some epic XC trails and stunning scenery. At last a bike park in the Sierra Nevada range!