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Posted by: David Scorer on 17 Jun 2012.
Date of Visit: 17 Sep 2011

The best there is!

I've now had 2 1-week trips to Whistler, but they were a whole 10 years apart! The progression was obvious. I have been to a lot of other bike parks but Whistler is far and away the best in the world, and they continue to invest in trails and facility development. They employ 18 trail crew for building and maintenance giving you a good idea of the scale of the operation. People used to go to Whistler for winter seasons but the resort is more and more about the summer and the biking - it's becoming the bigger season! And it's not just for pros. It does the basics for beginners, kids, women, everyone, better than anywhere I've ever seen. And then there's all the other trails outside of the actual bike park. If you moved to Whistler now you could not see everything if you rode your bike every day for the next 10 years, You need to go there to fully appreciate it!

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