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Posted by: Tim Winterburn on 17 Aug 2012.
Date of Visit: 18 Jul 2012

Great trails but archaic lift!

The downhill trails at Todtnau must be right up there for gnarliest rooty trails in Europe - genuine contenders to the lower sections of World Cup course at Leogang. All set in a beautiful forest, it really is a cracking spot for fulfilling downhilling urges. there's also a crazy, crazy summer luge here that runs 30ft above ground and almost makes the DH trails look tame by comparison. However, beware of the uplift chair service. There are two fundamental problems with it (or at least there were in 2011). Firstly, you share the lift with the summer luge - which makes queueing pretty epic as there's only single seater on the lift. The second problem is even more serious - in 2011 there was no hook for your bike - so you basically have to hold onto it on the lift..... nuts! Overall, though, if you're in this area of Germany you'd be foolish not to check out the trails - gnarly rooty riding at its best!

Pros: Fantastic DH trails in beautiful settings - you can see why iXS comes here so often.

Cons: they really need to do something about that rubbish lift!

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