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Posted by: leo berg on 23 Aug 2015.
Date of Visit: 23 Aug 2015

A liberty

saw in a mtbike mag that there was good XC. Let me tell you now that the "XC" does not exist. The so called cross country is the guy in the rental shop picking up a map and marking out a fancied route which is very hard to follow. I was with a good German speaker and he had to keep stopping to ask hikers, of which there were loads on the "XC" bike route. We ended up caning it down a fire road just to get back to the start. Much to the chagrin of day walkers. The boys and gals at Samerberg need to get themselves into gear and organise a proper signed route. The wonderful terrain is already there to be signed and explored. I live in a boring country but even they do a great job at organising proper mtbiking Cross Country. -- No excuses!!!!  On the plus side the chair lift is really cute, if basic to say the least. You have to be Harold Houdini to hook yr bike on by the saddle, then run round and jump on seat, phew!  Coming from a XC point of view. The bike park is mostly full of Darth Vader lookalikes, with the same outlook. I was impressed most by the German women mtbikes re who are too tough and realistic for motocross helmets. I did the downhill course in an XC helmet and if was fun and do able. Lots of people watching from the walking trails. The place badly needs XC to show what mountain bikers really look like.

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