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United StatesKingdom Trails / United States

Posted by: Wiliam Botka on 21 Nov 2013.

If you're thinking of going, DO IT!

I go to Kingdom Trails several time a season. There is a reason why I've been there so many times. It's the experiance that East Burke has on me, The people are just about the most friendly as you can get. There is no sortage of hospitality in town. Everyone I'v...

United StatesKingdom Trails / United States

Posted by: Matt Horlor on 10 Oct 2013.

Autumn blast in the Kingdom

Checking out the kingdom of trails in Burke, VT

After a night bundled up against a late September starry sky under one of the leanto's of Burke Mountain Campground, picked up a $15 day pass to Kingdom Trails, over 150km of prepared and maintained XC tr...

SpainLa Molina / Spain

Posted by: Arnau Donate Duch on 10 Sep 2013.


Long downhills not very technical.

The only technical trail is the black one, the trails are rocky with some parts into the woods. I think there aren't drops and jumps enough.

Sometimes you can find cows in the middle of the trail.

The b...

GermanyHindelang / Germany

Posted by: Wolfgang Steidl on 3 Sep 2013.

Bad Hindelang

The Bikepark has three lines, and I think only the black course is the line which is fun to ride. The yellow and the green course are only forest roads, which are no fun to ride. I think the black course was once a good freeride line, but the line is very rough and not in a...

SpainLa Pinilla / Spain

Posted by: jesus rodriguez on 26 Aug 2013.

Great bike park in the centre of Spain

La pinilla is a great bike park, is in the center of Spain, close to Madrid (about an hour away).

It has tracks of all levels and with all fields, lots of rocks and other much more smooth.

The field is going more hard and rocky when the season is pass ...

United StatesStevens Pass / United States

Posted by: Rob Milns on 25 Aug 2013.

Downhill For a Day

Situated about 2hrs North East of Seattle itself, Steven's Pass Bike Park is within easy reach of anybody staying in Seattle who wants to sample a bike park for a day or a weekend. I visited during a business trip to Seattle along with 2 colleagues – neither of wh...

United KingdomNevis Range - Fort William / United Kingdom

Posted by: Franco on 25 Aug 2013.

Fort William

the world cup trail is wonderful.
If you pass there sure it worth a day.
You can ride fine also with rain

Not a place for a week of riding (and it hurts, I love Scotland)

Good and well mantained bikes at rental, very strange...

SwitzerlandChampéry-Morgins / Switzerland

Posted by: craig d on 25 Aug 2013.


Loved this place. 3 flowy tracks all from a really fast quad lift. Variations from each track kept you exploring. The black was the last track we found and it really was a black, steep and tricky.The last sectio got a bit repetative as you funnel into a traverse and repeat ...

United StatesWhitefish / United States

Posted by: Martin Cartoon on 9 Aug 2013.

Runaway Train

Best trail in whitefish!

United StatesWhitefish / United States

Posted by: Martin Cartoon on 7 Aug 2013.

Freebird trail at Whitefish bike park in Montana

This place is well hide next to nowhere but it worth your attention. If you are from Alberta(calgary) or you are planning a montainbike trip in BC and wish to ride a few montain and not just have to know that Whitefish is only a 2 hours drive from Fernie and ...

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