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BulgariaVelo Park Pamporovo / Bulgaria

Posted by: Ema Paunova on 8 Apr 2014.

Best bike park in Bulgaria!

If you want to visit Bulgaria with your bike - for sure you must visit Pamporovo bike park! 

Highly recommend this lovely place!

Best bike park in Bulgaria! <3

United StatesRay's MTB Cleveland / United States

Posted by: Phil Kmetz on 1 Apr 2014.

The Indoor Bike Park That Started it All

Rays Indoor Bike Park is located in an industrial park on the outskirts of Cleveland Ohio. The entrance to the building is tucked away, and not visible from the main road. The best directions at that point is to ...

United StatesCranx / United States

Posted by: Phil Kmetz on 14 Mar 2014.

A Cure for the Winter Blues

From the outside it is pretty easy to drive right past Cranx Indoor Bike Park. The building blends into the surroundings. Apart from the lettering on the side, there’s not much that distinguishes it. The entrance and parking are on the right hand side. Upon entering t...

United StatesSpirit Mountain / United States

Posted by: Jon Theis on 12 Mar 2014.

Best MTB I've ever ridden in MN!

Last fall I finally got to ride Spirit Mountain. At the time I only had a 24" Inspired Element so I was forced to ride a rigid with street tires, but it was still a ton of fun. I've since gotten a better bike and can't wait to head back.


United StatesCottage Grove Bike Park / United States

Posted by: Jon Theis on 12 Mar 2014.

Cottage Grove is a blast!

Cottage Grove is pretty much what I've been dreaming of my whole life. Our own little slice of biker paradise, right there tucked into a nice city park as a respected part of the city, not a bunch of poorly maintainted dirt jumps illegally hidden away on someone's p...

ItalyMottolino Bike Park / Italy

Posted by: Giorgio Gamba on 9 Feb 2014.

Just for one day, just for fun

I have to say immediately that this bike park hasn't many trails as he says...... it has three trails with many and little (but fun) variants.... 

The first trail is very fast, with many jumps and drops, very easy with no techincal passages: very very fu...

AustriaLeogang / Austria

Posted by: Giorgio Gamba on 9 Feb 2014.

Jumps, Speed, and again Jumps

The principal trails here are 3

The first is called hangman; a pretty long trail really easy, really smooth but really fast and with some nice jumps in the high part. It isn't a dh trail but it's pretty fun and also the beginner rider can do this....


United KingdomBikePark Wales / United Kingdom

Posted by: David Scorer on 14 Jan 2014.

A winning Formula at BikePark Wales

If it’s this good in the wet, then it will fly in the dry...!

Since opening it’s trails in August 2013, BikePark Wales has already gained a stellar reputation on the UK mountain bike scene, with some claiming the purpose built bike ...

United StatesKingdom Trails / United States

Posted by: Wiliam Botka on 21 Nov 2013.

If you're thinking of going, DO IT!

I go to Kingdom Trails several time a season. There is a reason why I've been there so many times. It's the experiance that East Burke has on me, The people are just about the most friendly as you can get. There is no sortage of hospitality in town. Everyone I'v...

United StatesKingdom Trails / United States

Posted by: Matt Horlor on 10 Oct 2013.

Autumn blast in the Kingdom

Checking out the kingdom of trails in Burke, VT

After a night bundled up against a late September starry sky under one of the leanto's of Burke Mountain Campground, picked up a $15 day pass to Kingdom Trails, over 150km of prepared and maintained XC tr...

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