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Posted by: Giorgio Gamba on 2 Aug 2013.
Date of Visit: 17 Jul 2013

Technical training!!!!!

The trails are 3, all very similar.....

One is difficult and technical so only for expert riders...

The other two are pretty smooth.....

The principal thing in this bike park is that or you are a very very good rider or you can go here only when it's dry!!!!

This because this bike park is completely full of roots!!!

With dry terrain you can go also slowly but if the terrain is also a minimum wet or you go very very fast to overcome the roots or it's impossible to go down!!!

So i advise to go here only who know how to go fast and is not afraid of speed and roots!

For medium/advanced riders is a good technical training to learn to overcome obstacles with the right trajectory and with a good speed and learn to don't lost speed overcoming an obstacle....

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