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Whistler Gravity Logic Update

WGL 2013 Update

We recently heard from Tom Prochazka at Gravity Logic with the lowdown on just what they have going on right now. And as it's pretty exciting stuff we thought we'd share it with you lot so you can start getting ready. All is good in the bike park world...

Hello everyone.

It is time for a WGL Report on what is going on in the Bike Park World. Whether your business is producing and selling bikes, suspension, components, helmets, soft goods, sunglasses, tires, shoes or POV cameras, or if you already operate a bike park, we are about to give you a few reasons to be excited about the bike park business in the future. April has barely departed and some ski resorts are still buried in snow, but we have broken ground on three new bike parks and two more are just waiting for the white stuff to melt before they start digging. Yes, you read right - five new bike parks in North America. If each one of those bike parks attracts just 5000 riders this year, that would translate to 25,000 additional bike park visits in North America some of which will be brand new to the sport. We think that number could be much greater.

What is more important is that North American resorts are genuinely interested in bike parks as a source of summer revenue and they are willing to hire professionals to get it done right. Whistler Mtn. Bike Park has proven that the bike park business can be very successful but there was a feeling out there at the other resorts that Whistler was an anomaly and what happens there is not possible anywhere else. Most resorts were wearing out the fences with their jeans over the past few years watching the bike park rodeo. Then came a few brave souls like Winter Park, Steamboat, Jackson Hole, Stevens Pass, Sugarloaf (New Brunswick) and Jarvso (Sweden) to prove that bike parks can work at other places, that Whistler is not so special (even if it is).

On top of the new bike parks coming on stream this year we are seeing healthy capital investments at most the existing bike parks that we are involved in, indicating commitment to expansion and we are seeing healthy operating budgets indicating commitment to trail maintenance. This is a sign of a healthy industry that will grow in the future. The above scenarios will play a major role in attracting new riders to DH riding and effectively mountain biking in general. In our experience, a well designed, well constructed and well maintained trails will attract riders, create repeat visits and generate revenue. These are the new bike parks and some reasons why we can be excited:

  • Bryce Resort, Virginia - A small resort with great potential and a location to major population.
  • The Rock Sports Complex, Milwaukee - An urban lift assisted bike park near Milwaukee. Getting kids into the sport.
  • Timberline, Oregon - A lift assisted bike park in the hotbed of US MTB scene. Already a tourist destination and summer camp location.
  • Mt. Bachelor, Oregon - Same as Timberline. Major opportunity.
  • Snow Summit, California - History of DH riding, close to LA, huge interest, the only bike park close to LA. Huge potential.

Well, there you have it. The GL crew is excited and thankful for the opportunity to be involved in these projects, and to have a chance to make a difference. We hope to see y'all somewhere during our travels this year. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions. Have a great summer.


Tom, Dave and Rob.

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