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The Tuesday Trails Series

Tuesday Trails News

Launching a new WorldBikeParks series - the Tuesday Trails - featuring an awesome trail from a bike park somewhere in the world. A new trail every (yes you guessed it...) Tuesday!!

You're probably quite familiar with the trails at your local bike park. You ride them often enough and know them back to front. You're probably also aware of a few other trails dotted around other bike parks - A-Line in Whistler for example. After all, some trails have a reputation all of their own. A-Line has spawned copycat trails around the world and you can even buy the t-shirt! But let's face it no one can know them all, and you have to admit there are trails out there that you've never heard of. Well we think it's about time you did!

It's a pretty obvious concept really so we probably don't need to spell it out.... but we will anyway! Every Tuesday, we'll publish a short post showcasing a different bike park trail, in the Team Blog section of the website . You might have heard of it already, you might not. We'll follow it up with the video on Facebook and also tweet the link. Just maybe we'll show you one you don't know about and before you know it you'll be on a plane to somewhere you'd not thought about going before.

Be warned - you will want to ride these trails..!

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